Case Development
(Safety / Cybersecurity)

Team Training and hand holding

Omnex is best known for their training core competence. Over the years we have developed thousands of courses for all verticals. We have been particularly successful in developing a series of courses for Functional Safety and Cybersecurity. From a short webinar- to a one-day course- to a full one-week certification- we have them all. We also have courses for internal auditors, ASPICE, SOTIF, Semiconductor safety, hardware safety design, STPA methodology, just to name a few. Today all courses are taught online and attended in groups of 8-10 students. Additionally, they are taught globally with regional headquarters on most continents. Courses are developed by standards subject matter experts, individuals that have written the standards. Omnex Design enhances their expertise by using technical and design experience in the field.

ISO Assessments and Audits

Some of our most important activities are: the Implementation Gap Analysis, Customer Audit and Assessments, and Reporting. We have now released the Functional Safety Module for our flagship software product, EwQIMS, and now we can use it for documenting a full safety case

Case Development Support

Have you designed something new or do you have a legacy product but have recently found out about FuSa and CySe requirements? No need to panic- it is not the end of the world…. Let Omnex Design help you migrate your existing products to ISO 26262 and ISO 21434