In-house standards experts

Over the past several years, we have seen increasing need and interest for cybersecurity. In the Omnex organization, we are fortunate to have a series of experts in cybersecurity. Our experts are known as teachers, instructors, and writers of the standard. They are key consultants with experience in developing cybersecurity cases and high-level requirements and tests. Let us help you implement the first steps to ensure your cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Case Development

Developing a Cybersecurity CySe Case can be an intimidating process. The fact that cybersecurity is a long-term activity requires a proper DIA with all parties. Calculating and allocating CALs is not a comfortable process without proper experience. The cybersecurity case has to be part of the integrated functional security case and the SOTIF. We have extensive experience in the management and design of such products and we can offer valuable implementation assistance.

Cybersecurity Solutions (hardware and software)

Need a secure bootloader? Need a Crypto key management process? Have a design and found out that it needs to be 21434 compatible? Call us, we can help!

Case Development (Safety / Cybersecurity)

Assessments and Audits are integral part of the process. Nothing is more eloquent or respected by a customer than an external auditor. Omnex Inc and their technical arm, Omnex Design, can do both Audits and Assessments coupled with testing advice, traceability verification, and much more. Many Tier-1s, who outsource design activities, trust Omnex to check the DIAs, Purchase Orders, Work Products, and more as part of their due diligence process.