Hardware Design


R&D, Prototyping

Omnex Design can help you with a Proof of Concept or a quick prototype. Not sure if that Radar chip is suitable for your application? Or you do not know what safety level you need to pick for your microprocessor? Let Omnex Design help you by doing the necessary research and expeditious prototype! Many times a proof-of-concept PoC quick design and study will unveil a lot of information.

Architecture and Requirements

Besides the correct item definition and high-level functions, Omnex Design could help with correct high-level architecture and requirements so the flow down process is smoother and easier to trace.

Schematics Capture and PCB Design

Are you in a rush or with limited resources? We can help with schematics capture and PCB design with many on the market packages (ex. Pads, Orcad, Altium). We will also review your designs as a second set of eyes for functional safety. It is highly recommended to have a thorough audit for these work products to avoid road bumps down the line.

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly, Life cycle, Cost, Alternative Suppliers

Many times, Design for Manufacturing and Assembly, HARA, reliability calculations, can be intimidating. In the FuSa context, they are critical for traceability and for correct implementation of the safety goal. A good design process and analysis could yield lots of saving in the determination and allocation of ASILs. Omnex Design can help you create clear and crisp documentation for your safety case, either in an excel format or with a software tool.

Certification Services

With a presence in all parts of the world, Omnex Design can help understand requirements or certify your design for global markets.