Program Management

Dedicated Program Manager

We have a global dedicated team of Program Managers and second to none software capabilities to offer integrated project tracking. Together with the dedicated Program Manager each project has a dedicated Safety Expert that is there to facilitate the V model steps and allow the best outcome for the project. They both are pretty much ready to be embedded in your organization and provide both the support need to facilitate the development of safety and cybersecurity case and to interface and facilitate the communication with our team.

EwQIMS "All in One" Software Solution

EwQIMS is a very powerful quality management software at an affordable price. All current Electric and Autonomous vehicle standards can be addressed in the EwQIMS framework. Our team uses it currently in all the projects and many customers decide to buy the license after and customize the environment for their companies. With additional modules, our software can address many other activities like audits, CARs, PPAPs, etc…

Time / Budget constraints outsourcing solutions

Outsourcing design is not an easy decision. It is usually due to some major constraint in the organization. We understand that and we are ready to address the constraint being either time, cost, or skill. We are here to work with you and we are looking to build a long-time relationship because we have so much to offer besides design.

Audits and PPAP Support, ISO Compliance

Our Program Management services could coordinate with you on all Audits and Assessments, oversee the budgets and schedule, and help get the projects done on time and on budget.