OMNEX EVAV Development and
Training Kit

Omnex offers a desktop EVAV development kit for EVAV designers and implementers. This kit allows both designers, engineers and coders to develop functional safety and cybersecurity applications and cases based on one of the most popular NXP S32K microprocessor families.

The kit comes with standard sensors for temperature, motion, light, standard FET outputs, current-controlled outputs, PWM, CAN, LIN, Ethernet together with debugging terminal outputs, and many other debug features. The board also has various powerful shields like radar on a chip, lidar, ultrasonic measurements, radio communication, NFC, Door Lock controller. The board combined with a full classroom support kit which, besides including the manual, has all the bits and pieces for some successful hands-on experiments.

There is an Omnex suite of support software including examples of safety cases, reliability calculations, and examples of good and bad code.

The board can also be used as training material for EVAV various training classes, evaluation of design solutions by Engineers and quick customer prototypes by small companies or individual designers.