Software Design


Requirements and Specifications Definition

High-level software requirements are exceedingly important in the context of 26262 and 21434. All requirements and specifications need to flow down and be traceable to specific code, succeeding that they then need to be tested at various levels. A HIS (A Hardware Software Interface) needs to be defined at this stage of the process. Often, we find this as a hardware pinout definition table, however, this is the wrong approach. All are complex documents and they follow a complex process. Any shortcut or shortcoming will be very easy to unveil during a proper audit. We can help you draft a correct HSI Document.

On top of these do not neglect the IATF or specific customer requirements; nor complex security keys management arrangements. With the advance of 5G networks, these requirements coupled with each country's restrictions on the network makes the wording and management of high-level architectural specifications very complex and convoluted. Having a broad experience with various customers and technologies, Omnex Design can streamline this complex regulatory and safety process.

Offshore Software testing dedicated group

Software development can oftentimes fall behind or have a scope creepage beyond the time allocated. Omnex Design has a seasoned group of software people in North America and in other foreign offices that can support your group at any time, on the fly. Whatever the project, we have someone in our team that worked with similar technology and can help on short notice.

Software / Firmware Development

Testing is a very important aspect of our design activities and of the V model, used in the ISO 26262, 21434, ASPICE standards, we treat these activities with the utmost importance. A common practice is to allocate 3-5 people in QA for each coder and we anticipate this number increasing in the future. The QA team is an integral part of Omnex Design and they are kept up to speed with all the latest in the industry. Also, being overseas in India, allows Omnex to offer around the clock software services. Allow Omnex to perform rigorous testing of any software to expedite your development.